Travel Abroad Costa Rica – Summer 2018

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Our visit to the Organic Cacao farm

“I am very lucky to have been able to experience this trip… I want to take this amazing experience and use it to the best of my ability to be a better person, teacher and live PURA VIDA!”     

~Alma Gonzalez, DLTL Graduate 2018~

Coffee / Sugar farm tour – enjoying a bumpy ride in the ox cart


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Zip-line Adventure over the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve


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Cashew plantation tour – quite a labor-intensive process!


Watch out, Professora! That mono looks like he is ready to slap you!
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Hanging Bridge #4 was a killer – but we lived to tell the tale!
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Meeting New Friends


Night Hike adventures



Bulletin Board Escula Hacienda
We received a warm welcome during our visit to                                     Escuela Hacienda in Jacó, Costa Rica.


Escuela CR

I learned that teachers in Costa Rica work very hard! Many teach two grade levels during the day, typically 7:00-11:30am with one grade, and then 12:30-5:00pm with another grade. One teacher shared that most of her planning time is done at home and that teachers attend classes on Saturdays. I truly enjoyed and learned from our visit to Escuela Hacienda Jaco.